Royal Crown Point

I’m from Cedar Lake, IN, which neighbors Crown Point. Crown Point hasn’t been much in the news since John Dillinger escaped from its “escape-proof” jail in 1934.
But twice in the past month, Crown Point has reachieved fame. Last weekend it was for Hillary Clinton downing a shot and a beer at a CP bar:

hillary shot.jpg

A couple weeks before that, Johnny Depp came to town to shoot scenes at that infamous jail, which still stands, for the movie Public Enemies, in which Depp will star as Dillinger. My best friend Diane, who happens to be a professional photographer, got snapshots (click to enlarge)…

depp 2.jpg
depp 3.jpgdepp 4.jpg
[Clinton photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune]

29 thoughts on “Royal Crown Point”

  1. Johnny Depp? Be still my beating heart! I have had a secret crush since he was on “21 Jump Street.” (Oh how old I am!)

  2. Trust me, when it’s Depp, it’s no secret crush. You’d have to be insane to not be attracted to him. Even the guys, hehe.

  3. Jill, are you Eddie Izzard?

    “Oh my, I think I hear a teenage abortion happening!”
    (Other captions welcome)

  4. My son and daughter in law got to see Izzard live a few weeks ago – they said he is absoultely awesome in person. And when hes not wearing makeup he’s just as cute as he can be, too. Short – but cute.

  5. Thank goodness Depp turned 40 … I dont feel guilty thinking lascivious thoughts about him any more.

  6. @Edyt: He’s going to be in Minneapolis too, and I wish I could go, but the tickets are so darn expensive. :(
    “I’m covered in beeeeeeeeeees!”

  7. “JD: too cute for words.
    Who cares about Hillary when JD is here?”
    Oh yeah! John Denver rocks!

  8. “Oh yeah! John Denver rocks!”
    *puts on lollerskates*
    When I heard the “JD” stuff, I kept thinking “SCRUBS!”

  9. Ha ha John Denver! Rock Mountain High….
    Chocolat is one of Johnny Depp’s best movies!
    Don Juan De Marco, too. – Hilarious!

  10. Ah, as Carla so accurately put it the other day: Hillary photos….always so flattering!
    On another note, and I’m sorry it’s “off-topic”…but to my friends in California:
    I have OODLES of respect for you guys for going through as many earthquakes as you have. I experienced my first one this morning, and I have to say that it was the creepiest feeling that I’ve ever felt in my life! How do you guys go through this all of the time!!! Like I said…OODLES of respect for you!

  11. @Dan: I take it you have cable and therefore have Comedy Central? If so, I’m jealous. :)
    Eddie Izzard as Darth Vader: “Why with the power of the Death Star can we not have a tray that is f*****g dry!?”

  12. @TexasRed: No flag no country! By the rules I’ve…just made up.
    Posted by: Rae at April 18, 2008 3:45 PM
    Exactly! Son and DIL have about half a dozen CDs of him and I probably have seen them all. When DIL found out he was coming to this area and the show was already sold out she was almost in tears – but they convinced him to do another show. It sold out too but they got their tickets!

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