Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI think I’ve been away from the OR too long, because the video I just watched of what pro-lifers retrieved from the dumpster at the Women’s Advisory Center abortion mill in Livonia, MI, made me queasy….

Monica Miller warned me the video was NC-17 rated. Seeing baby skulls and body parts and so much blood in the same trash as McDonald’s and Olive Garden wrappers just got to me.
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society has posted this story on its website but hasn’t yet released it to the press.
In April MI pro-lifers returned to search dumpsters at Alberto Hodari’s infamous abortion mills to see if he had relapsed and begun throwing babies he had aborted into the trash (which he had not).
They thought while they were at it they’d check the dumpster at WAC and came up with a mother un-lode of aborted babies, many medical records, urine cups with names on them, unused syringes, sharps, and blood everywhere.

WAC is owned by abortionist Reginald Sharpe. He bought it from abortionist Rodolfo Finkelstein (recipient of my first annual abortionist of the year award) in 2005 before Finkelstein fled the country after being convicted of sexual assault of several patients.
In fact, Finkelstein started a late-term laminaria abortion on a mother the day before he fled in March 2005, leaving it for Sharpe to finish. That day Sharpe left the mill while the mother was laboring, and she screamed so loudly her mother in the waiting room called 911. Paramedics arrived and found she had just delivered a 28-week dead baby but was in acute medical trouble, so they rushed her by ambulance to the hospital.
sharpe 1.jpgFor that WAC job Sharpe was alerted on April 3, 2005, that his license was being suspended for 9 months for committing illegal late-term abortions. 2 days later his clinic burned down for unknown reasons. His license was restored in August 2006, just in time to begin aborting in a new building. Sharpe owns 3 mills.
The MI Department of Environmental Quality conducted its own search of Sharpe’s dumpster after pro-lifers alerted it and confirmed finding what they found. But like it did Hodari, DEQ has merely given Sharpe a warning, “less than a slap on the hand,” said Monica. “They’re basically saying, ‘Don’t do it again, and we’ll be back on this date to check you.'”
Read more details and see more photos at the CPS website.
[HT: Milissa at Catholic Pro-Life Committee; thanks for background info to stalwart pro-lifer Lynn Mills, who has tracked WAC since 1983]

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