Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgWe have just learned Congressional Democrat leaders are trying to reinstate taxpayer subsidies of college birth control pills through the War Supplemental Appropriations bill, being debated in the Senate as I type.
Thus, our armed services will not be fighting only against terrorism but also to ensure frat boys and sorority sisters get cheap bc and their college “family planning” clinics get larger profits….

I wrote last month that Planned Parenthood et al were miffed that Congress had closed their bc pill subsidy spigot when it passed the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.
This was technically a rebate program through Medicaid that gave drug manufacturers a financial incentive to sell bc pills cheap to PP et al on college campuses. The incentive gone, manufacturers started charging their normal price for bcs, cutting PP et al’s profits.
pelosi reid 2.jpgThe industry began feeling the pinch last autumn when it ran low on its stockpile of cheaply purchased bc pills, and the drama began. You’ll recall the email alert PP CEO Cecile Richards sent April 28 entitled, “Pills or dinner?,” as if college women were being forced to decide between having sex or eating.
It has recently been learned that 1 CA PP overbilled CA’s Medicaid in 2004 for $5.2 million based exactly on what we’re talking about here: the difference between what PP paid for bc pills and what it charged. This suggests that restoring these subsidies nationwide is likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars over just a few years.
PPs around the country are being charged with crimes on multiple fronts: aborting minors without parental consent, bilking Medicaid, setting up sham corporations to hide building plans, fraudulent charting, committing illegal late-term abortions. And let’s not forget PP’s racism by showing willingness to accept donations specifically to abort black babies.
And yet Democrats have the nerve to try this. I’m sure PP’s plans to spend $10 million on the 2008 elections has nothing to do with it.
Call you senator today and simply say, “‘Remove the prohibition of Medicaid regulations from the War Supplemental Appropriations bill.”