roderick.jpgOn May 1 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point sophomore and Student Government Association senator Roderick King was caught on video vandalizing a UWSP-approved cross display commemorating aborted babies. In 1 week the video, posted on YouTube, has been viewed 38,000 times.
Since then a sidebar has developed involving fellow SGA senator Claire Smith, who wrote a juvenile and poorly crafted email blaming Pointers for Life, the group displaying the crosses, posted here first, for King’s behavior. She was responding to a respectful complaint that the SGA had not reprimanded King.
Pro-lifer Milissa fowarded UWSP official Steven Ward a link to my posting of Smith’s email. Smith first responded last night by shedding just a tad more light on King’s SGA staus.
Later Ward forwarded Milissa an email he had just sent Smith. It is good to see at least 1 UWSP administrator appreciates the ramifications of King’s actions as well as the significance of an immature little snit making matters worse. I also appreciate Ward’s transparency. Here’s his latest email…

ward to claire.jpg
The fact that UWSP is receiving “international attention” is also encouraging. Even the Huffington Post covered the King story with no defense of his actions.
[Photo courtesy of the Wausau Daily Herald]