Well, here’s a major career 180 if I ever saw one. From News-Press.com:

Myra Williams has joined the Children’s Museum of Naples [FL] as development director.
Williams brings more than 11 years of fundraising experience to her new position and is responsible for planning, developing and maintaining a comprehensive fundraising program.
For the past seven years, she served as the director of development for Planned Parenthood of Collier County Inc.

At first I thought this must be a human natural history museum, preserving for posterity the memory these small endangered creatures. In some countries, like Russia, they’re all but extinct.
But no…
chidlren's museum.jpg
The facility isn’t scheduled to open until Spring 2009, and it has hired the equivalent of a Nazi prison guard to raise funds for a Holocaust museum. Interesting that the exterior is Noah-themed, a reminder that only a few survive?
The board has to be stocked with pro-aborts. Otherwise, there is just no way they would have hired Williams. So this is a liberal feel good endeavor to assuage guilt or build resumes. When it opens, watch for liberal doctrine spread throughout.
But hey, they’ve picked a fundraiser who has learned from the best.

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