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  • Looks like Geron will have to put off its human embryonic stem cell clinical trial on spinal cord injuries at least another year. At least the company apparently applied for a clinical trial this year as opposed to all the previous years where it promised to apply but never did.
  • AZ’s Board of Nursing has decided that nurse practitioners with special training can commit first-trimester abortions. The AZ legislature is currently considering a bill to only allow physicians to perform abortions but I doubt Gov. Janet Napolitano would sign it….

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  • The pro-choice claws are coming out after NARAL issued its endorsement of Obama. NOW-NY State president Marcia Pappas (of TedKennedy-committed-“ultimate betrayal” by-endorsing-Obama fame), EMILY’s Listpresident Ellen Malcolm, and NARAL’s NY State affiliate aren’t on board.
    On one hand, it’s “Is it really that big of a deal to endorse the presumptive nominee now that he has basically wrapped the nomination up?” and on the other hand it’s “Why not just wait until it’s completely over?” The only reason to give the endorsement now seems to be to convince Clinton to drop out sooner rather than later.

  • Canadian Ken Epps on his bill to punish individuals who commit acts of violence against pregnant women and their unborn children:

    There is something seriously wrong with our system when the so-called “right” to end a pregnancy takes away another pregnant woman’s right to have her wanted baby protected in law…..
    The irony is that for years pro-lifers have been accused of trying to impose their views on others. The opponents of C-484 are now attempting to impose on women who want to be pregnant and want to love and protect their babies the view that the child in her womb is unworthy of protection in criminal law, unworthy of any amount of respect at all to the extent that a criminal can brutally attack that mother’s child with a fist or a boot or a gun or a knife or a sword and face no consequences for killing what is so dear to her.

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