weekend question.jpgI am not Catholic, but since the Catholic Church has written the most extensively and perfectly on the pro-life issue, and since the Catholic Church wields a great deal of influence in this arena, I like to follow Catholic conversations.
On June 7, Doug Kmiec, chair and professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine University, and former dean and St. Thomas More professor at Catholic University of America, wrote a column on Catholic Online explaining his endorsement of Barack Obama for president….

Kmiec’s premise: Because the Catholic Church “admon[ishes] that no Catholic can choose a candidate for the purpose of advancing a moral evil such as abortion or racism… [a] Catholic without that intent is free to support either Senator Obama or McCain or anyone.”
First question, do you agree?
Kmiec then evened the playing field between the 2 candidates:

Senator Obama’s position accepts the existing legal regime which leaves the abortion decision with the mother as a “constitutional right.” Senator McCain’s position would leave the decision with the individual states. Neither position is fully pro-life, both are pro-choice, with the former focused on the individual and the latter focused on the right of the states. Senator McCain’s position is sometimes described as pro-life, but in truth, it is merely pro-federalism (states being free under the McCain position to decide to permit or disallow abortion as they see fit).

Second question, do you agree?
Kmiec concluded:

Since neither candidate presents a position fully compatible with Catholic teaching recognizing abortion for the intrinsic evil that it is, Catholic teaching asks us to work for the reduction of the incidence of abortion through the most prudent way possible….
My experience… suggest[s] that Senator Obama’s emphasis on personal responsibility (conveying especially to young people the need to understand the maturity and commitment needed for sexual intimacy) is the course most likely to make a difference… [and] Senator Obama… is more dedicated toward reducing the partisanship of the past, has very responsibly and very consistently called upon our better natures, and has articulated… a genuine appreciation for the importance of faith in the public square.

Final question, do you agree with Kmiec’s premises about Obama and his conclusion?
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