At the Pepsi Center yesterday, I heard chatter is growing louder that McCain will pick Lieberman as his running mate. I just checked with a couple of DailyKos bloggers and they agreed the rumor “is getting serious”.
The Committee for Justice blog reported this morning:

Amid press reports of John McCain notifying his running mate and Joe Lieberman rebuffing a request by Karl Rove to withdraw his name from VP consideration, RealClearPolitics concludes that “a lot of Republicans are nervous” that Lieberman is McCain’s pick. Republicans are concerned about Lieberman’s pro-choice stance and his weak record on judges. Since the abortion issue is almost entirely in the hands of the courts, Sen. Lieberman, if selected, could likely deflect much of the inevitable conservative criticism by making the following three pledges regarding judicial appointments…

1) he will play no role in picking judicial nominees in a McCain administration,
2) he will not run for president in the future (and thus will never nominate judges himself),
and most interestingly,
3) he will caucus with Senate Republicans for the remainder of the year, allowing Republicans to demand a Senate reorganization like the one that followed Sen. Jeffords’ 2001 defection from the GOP. That would make Arlen Specter chairman of the Judiciary Committee and Mitch McConnell Majority Leader, likely resulting in the confirmation of four pending appeals court nominees to the all-important Fourth and D.C. Circuits. Senate Democrats would be unwilling to risk the fate of Tom Daschle by filibustering nominees so close to an election.
We’re not betting any money on Lieberman being selected and making pledges, but the possibility of a Senate reorganization is too enticing to ignore.

The 4th Circuit is from whence Supreme nominees are generally chosen.
While the short-term temptation is, well, tempting, the long-term consequences of a social liberal whispering in McCain’s ear but more importantly 2nd in command – “a heartbeat away from the presidency” – makes the choice unacceptable.
If McCain does this, he has determined that the influx of disaffected Hillary and independent voters will outnumber the outflux of disaffected social conservatives.

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