UPDATE, 4:40p: Based on evidence presented in this post, Martin has removed “self-proclaimed” and Tapper has posted an addendum stating, “UPDATE: Jessen has posted medical records on her Web site to support her story,” with a link to this website.
Kudos to both for their willingness to reanalyze their stories when presented with new information.
Today Politico’s Jonathan Martin called Gianna Jessen a “self-proclaimed abortion-survivor,” and ABC’s Jake Tapper said Gianna “claims” to have survived an abortion.
To be fair, speculation is warranted. So in answer to that, here are documents proving Gianna is indeed an abortion survivor. The first is Gianna’s birth medical record, indicating she was “Born during Saline abortion”…
Giana medical record jpg.jpg
Next is Gianna’s birth certificate, listing infamous abortionist “Edward C. Allred, M.D.,” as the physician who delivered her. Allred is the owner of the largest group of independent abortion mills in the U.S. (click to enlarge)…

Gianna birth certificate II jpg.jpg
Finally is an article written in April 1978, when Gianna was 10 months old. She was entered as an exhibit of sorts under an alias in the murder trial of abortionist William Waddill, who stood accused of strangling another saline abortion survivor. In reading the article, recall Jessen has the “gift of cerebral palsy,” as she likes to say (click to enlarge)…
Gianna article jpg.jpg