Abortion survivor’s funeral

On Oct. 14, little Shanice Osbourne was finally laid to rest 27 months after she was allegedly killed on the day she was aborted alive, July 20, 2006, by abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez at A Gyn Diagnostics Center in Hialeah, FL.
Read the details of baby Shanice’s death here.
Following is Miami’s NBC6 news coverage of the funeral…

8 thoughts on “Abortion survivor’s funeral”

  1. Dear Lord,
    Please forgive us all for these horrendous crimes going on in our Society. Only you know Lord how some of us fight to disclose the truth. Forever and ever Rest in peace, little one.

  2. RIP Shanice.
    Some day, I hope that you will be able to ask the abortionist “WHY”.
    Posted by: LizFromNebraska at October 31, 2008 4:04 PM
    Sorry Liz, but read the parapble of the rich man and Lazarus.
    Unless the abortionist repents there won’t be any conversations taking place between this baby and her murderer.

  3. I think that’s what Liz has in mind, HisMan. God willing, some day this man will repent of his horrible crimes against the unborn, come to JESUS, and eventually meet the ones he murdered in heaven. But you are correct; parable of Lazarus and the rich man is an excellent illustration. God love you.

  4. o’bama (pbuh) campaign spokesweasel Alejandro Miyar:
    “Accusing a loving father of two [living] beautiful little girls [who the o’bama (pbuh) does not want to be PUNISHED with a BABY] of wanting to kill babies isn’t just just wrong, it is the most disgusting and manipulative kind of hate politics around.” [And you should know, you practice it to perfection.]
    The video clip from the local news coverage did not show anybody making the accusation alleged by spokesweasel Miyar. This is clever dissembling aided and abetted by a sympathetic or incompetent media.
    But who knows, one of those people the o’bama (pbuh) has described as ‘bitter americans clinging to their religion and their guns, who have antipathy towards those who do not look like them’, [clever bit of hate speeck there] may have had a moment of lucidity and put two and two together and reached just such a conclusion, based not only on what the o’bama has said, but also on what he has done and not done, when he had both the oportunity and the authority to protect babies of all ethnicities from being killed by their assailant after his firt attempt was unsuccessful.
    Peace begins in the womb. Wage peace. Peace through strength. Arm the prenatal and neonatal infants.
    yor bro ken

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