UPDATE, 10/31, 8:20a:Dr. New’s longer analysis of the CACG study is available here.
During this election cycle a study on abortion released by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has received plenty of attention from Democrats and Barack Obama supporters.

cacg.jpgThe spin is that state pro-life laws only have a small impact on abortion rates, and increasing welfare expenditures is the superior way to reduce abortion.
But in today’s National Review Online, Professor Michael New of the University of AL and the Witherspoon Institute identified – surprise – errors in the study’s methodology.
New conducted a proper analysis of the exact same data used by CACG and found pro-life laws – specifically public funding restrictions and informed consent laws – are effective at lowering abortion rates.
New also found the amount of money spent on welfare appears to have only a marginal impact on the incidence of abortion.

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