The State of Washington has an initiative on the ballot to legalize physician-assisted suicide, I-1000.
According to

I-1000 allows doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of drugs to “terminal” patients so they can use it to kill themselves. The patient meets with an “attending physician” and a “consulting physician” and then fills out a written request form, witnessed by two people. I-1000 allows one of these witnesses to be an heir. Once the lethal dose is issued by the pharmacy, there is no oversight. The death is not required to be witnessed….
Depressed or mentally ill patients can still receive the lethal prescriptions. All reporting is done on the “honor system” with the records sealed from public view. There are no penalties for doctors who fail to report their activities.

Actor Martin Sheen, a human rights activist who is Catholic and pro-life, is adding star power in opposition to I-1000. Great guy.
Watch for another powerful ad by featuring Barbara Wagner, who lives in OR, the only state at this point with legalized physician assisted suicide.
wiki estatge.jpgIn it she describes the OR Health Plan rejecting payment of a cancer drug but offering to pay for her assisted suicide.
One final thought. The federal estate tax will be repealed in 2010 for one year and then restart in 2011. See Wiki chart at right.
I wouldn’t want to live in a state with legal physician-assisted suicide during that year.
This is the other end of abortion, encouraging the deaths of inconvenient elderly and physicially and mentally ill as well as people without financial resources to self-pay for care.
Next to crisis pregnancy centers pro-lifers will soon have to launch crisis elderly and ill centers.

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