An October 27 comment (#25) on the pro-Hillary blog HillBuzz has been making the blogospheric rounds. I understand Rush even read it yesterday.
The scenarios presented seem plausible, creepy, even scary. About the disclosure that people are paid to demoralize on blogs, Stanek moderators can attest I’ve suspected this here for some time, which is why we’ve been banning more lately.
The following is quite a read. The dynamics of this presidential campaign can’t be explained as pure politics. There’s something seriously crazy about it. This information would help account for some of its surrealness….
sarah slide 1.JPG

sarah slide 2.JPGsarah slide 3.JPG
If your appetite for Sarah’s mea culpa has been whetted, she followed up with another comment on October 30 (#61). At the end she offers hope, real hope. Read on…
sarah slide 4.JPGsarah slide 5.JPGsarah 6.jpg

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