Yesterday afternoon the Alliance Defense Fund and CO citizen Mark Hotaling held a press conference at the State Capitol to announce an $18 million lawsuit against Gov. Bill Ritter, Planned Parenthood, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, and the CO Dept. of Health and Environment for illegal taxpayer funding of abortion.
shell game.jpgThe lawsuit came within days after plaintiffs learned the state had given $9 million to the 2 aforementioned abortion groups presumably for breast cancer screening, despite the fact the CO Constitution states no public funds can be used “directly or indirectly” for abortion.
According to the press release, as recently as 2001 PP and BVWHC were stripped of over $1 million in taxpayer funding “after an independent audit found and PP recently admitted that it’s impossible to separate their abortion activities from their taxpayer subsidies.”
But a surprise guest crashed the conference. When Leslie Durgan, Senior VP of PP of the Rocky Mountains and former mayor of Boulder, walked in, journalists recognized her and asked for comment. The cheeky child killer proceeded to take over the podium when the ADF attorney had finished his presentation. Her talking points fit nicely into the Rocky Mountain News article about the event.
The state contends the funds allocated were federal, so it’s not violating the Constitution. Durgan disputed the amount listed in the contracts altogether.

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