The Rocky Mountain News covered the story this way, along with festive pink pictures:

A river of pink flooded downtown Denver this morning as more than 60,000 people ran and walked in the 16th annual Komen Race for the Cure to support people affected by breast cancer.

bc 1 jpg.jpg
That was the liberal half of the news. The other half of the news was that CO Right to Lifers wanting ignorant women to learn a significant but covered up cause of breast cancer – abortion – parked a Truth Truck along the parade route and also picketed with signs….

The other half of the news was that a man jumped out of the crowd and grabbed
Leslie Hanks’ signs and literature and tried to destroy them. The cops arrested him, slapped him in cuffs, and Leslie filed a complaint.
bc 3.jpg
bc 4.jpg
bc 2.jpg

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