UDPATE, 10/31, 11a: No surprise, YouTube pulled the Koppie ad, even though it aired on network television. It is available here now for viewing and embedding.
About the airing the Koppie campaign reported:

It aired about 6:29pm, set off and apart from the other billion political ads with, “The following commercial may not be suitable for children.”…
Chad needs to recover a few hundred more to get him out of the hole for this ad, but he’s already eyeing a Monday ad on the Today Show ($1000). Ellen is only $510. If there’s more $, he’ll buy more ads.

Donate here.
UPDATE, 10/30, 7:30a: The campaign notified me that due to a technical glitch, Koppie’s ad didn’t run on NBC last night but will run tonight.
October 29: A campaign ad for IL Constitution Party US Senate candidate Chad Koppie that contains graphic images of aborted babies is scheduled to air 1x tonight during Chicago NBC News 6p hour, right before Barack Obama’s 30 minute pitch…

A campaign spokeswoman told me stations are required by law to run federal candidates’ ads, and this appears so. According to FactCheck.org

[T]he Federal Communications Act… requires broadcasters who run candidate ads to show them uncensored, even if the broadcasters believe their content to be offensive or false.

And according to the New York Times:

Broadcast channels, which are regulated by the FCC, are allowed to reject so-called issue advertisements from interest groups based on their content. But they are prohibited from doing so with ads from candidates.
“There is part of the statute that says the station cannot censor the content of a political ad,” said a communications commission official who spoke on condition of anonymity….

The Koppie ad ran 7x in Springfield (the state capital) on Fox Monday and Tuesday and 19x on Fox in the Quad Cities area.
Good for Koppie. The spokeswoman said the entire reason he is running is to educate the public on abortion. She said he will run the ad as much as donations received will allow. So give to Koppie if you can.

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