down baby a gift from the LordLast night after a speaking engagement, a mom tried to describe to me the extent to which doctors pressured her to abort her now 8-year-old son with Down syndrome.
She said after the diagnosis, every doctor persistently recommended she abort at every visit, even into her 32nd week. They made her feel crazy for not terminating and treated her pregnancy like a disease. She said she understood why 9 of 10 Down’s babies are aborted (eugenic abortions).
Then this morning I received this email from Jeanne describing a similar experience. Her refusal to abort her severely premature baby got her bad care that almost killed her as well as her baby….

I too am a registered nurse… staunchly pro-life. Here is my abbreviated story:

On September… 1984, I gave birth to my precious son… at 24 weeks. My membranes had “frankly ruptured” [bag of waters broke]. The nurse practitioner who initially examined me said, “We need to send you over to the hospital and the baby will die.” Instead, my Catholic pro-life MD sent me to the university hospital with an NICU, where the fight began.
I was told repeatedly “the baby is not viable.”
I was told “the baby will take ONE breath and he WILL die.”

When that didn’t work with me, they upped the ante. I was told he would be blind, deaf, mute, retarded, severely handicapped, blah blah blah.
Each time, I kept saying “I want this baby.” They couldn’t understand why I would want a disabled child.

Only one doctor stood in the gap for me – a dear young woman, a resident who put her own career on the line and said “I will go to bat for you.”
Years later she told me the compromise: The neonatal team would intervene only IF the baby began breathing spontaneously.

After 4 days of buying time, I became febrile [developed a fever, sign of infection] and against my requests, they induced me. . My first son had been c-section; I begged for another. Because of DES, I had previously had an extensive cold-cone [biopsy] of my cervix, and knew I would NOT dilate. They insisted on inducing anyway….

I kept arguing, stating my case for a c-section; they kept refusing. So, there I was: DES exposed, with a bicornuate [heart-shaped] uterus, virtually no cervix, febrile, septic [infected], with 2-1/2 pages of complications on ME, never mind the baby, a footling breech, who “wasn’t viable.”

After 6 hours of cranking up the Pitocin, my uterus ruptured. Now the situation was emergent, and a nurse gave me IV Valium which I realized when I went loopy. I was furious, and I reached up and pulled that nurse toward me and said, “Don’t you DARE give me one more thing – if my baby is going to die, then I will be there to say good bye!”
THAT’S when the OB professor was finally paged, who told me later how angry he was – he WOULD have done the section, he WOULD have listened to me, BUT HE WASN’T THERE. The interns and residents darned near killed me in trying to prove that my precious son was not viable.

Guess who breathed? Guess who breathed for hours, while the NICU frantically “jerry-rigged” a suction cath as an ET tube, because there was no ET tube small enough for him? Guess who was fighting for HIS life? By the time he pooped out from the effort to breathe on his won, they were able to intubate him. Thus began our journey.

He weighed 680 gms [24 ounces, or 1.5 pounds], 12 inches long. His eyes were fused shut. He had my husband’s unique little finger, in miniature. He knew my voice. He knew his brother’s voice. He knew God’s voice. He fought to live.
After 130 days in the NICU he came home and never went back.

Today, he is 24 years old. He finished high school with special ed credits. He was in ROTC, loves history, the military, and sports. He works at a country club as a bag staffer, consistently shoots in the low 80’s in his own golf game, and dreams of the PGA tour.

Yes he has disabilities but is very “high-functioning” and loves the Lord with all his heart.

Because he is very concrete in his thinking, he has a hard time with jokes and understanding the nuances of humor. So, needless to say, he is not one to make things up, or say things that are not true. He is pure in heart.
One day, he told me that he saw Jesus in his incubator. He saw Jesus in his incubator.

I say all of this to illustrate that the argument that partial birth abortion is needed “to save the life of the mother” is completely bogus. In my own situation killing my son would have been of no help to me. It is a vicious, barbaric lie.
I say all of this to illustrate Obama’s ludicrous argument that the Born Alive Infants Protection Act is unnecessary because “another doctor will be there and intervene” if an infant is born alive. In my situation, there were NUMEROUS doctors, but the most important doctor wasn’t called until the damage was done and they had so screwed up the entire process that now TWO lives were on the line.

Obama refers to babies and fetuses as “it,” not as human, but as objects. He doesn’t even use proper terminology, like “gestation.”

Obama says he cares about women, when what he really cares about is VOTES – and aborted babies don’t vote.

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