Liberals are angry President-elect Barack Obama has chosen conservative evangelical pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. Here’s a sample from HuffPo:
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Progressive groups are decrying the choice of Rick Warren… as “disappointing” – but it is far more than that. It is an act of spiritual violence against lesbian and gay American citizens and a profound betrayal of the philosophy of inclusion and unity espoused by President-elect Obama.

Big is that Warren supported CA’s Proposition 8, specifying marriage to be between one man and one woman.
As a pro-lifer I’m glad Warren is giving the invocation. I don’t care what ulterior motives Obama has for inviting Warren, such as trying to appear more of a center than left guy. I’m actually surprised Obama picked Warren. Recall the terrible response Obama gave Warren for The Abortion Question of the campaign. Guess he’s not holding a grudge….

I’ve seen Warren take a stronger and stronger stand on abortion. Obama needs people like him in his ear. Warren says things nice, but he says them well and straight up. Read this from December 12. Warren rejects the liberal “make abortion rare” mantra.
warren on abortion slide 1.JPG
Oh my, Amie Newman at RH Reality Check didn’t like that comparison:

Now we unveil the story of a religious leader who is adamantly against prevention; in favor of reducing abortion by stripping women of their rights; a leader who compares embryos in utero and mothers who make the best, most loving choices they can when faced with an unintended pregnancy or medical condition, to a murderous movement of anti-Semites who brutally slaughtered Jewish women, men and children.

A mother’s “most loving choice” is to kill her baby? Here’s more for Amie not to like:
warren on abortion slide 2.JPG

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