bristol palin 4.jpgBristol Palin, 18-year-old daughter of AK Gov. and former VP candidate Sarah Palin, gave birth to a son December 28. Weighing in at 7-7, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born at 5:30a. Father is fiancé Levi Johnston.
MTV News has weighed in on the name choice in a clever piece. I’m not sure why I was mostly not offended by the article on behalf of little Tripp. Perhaps I’m just tired of being offended. Or perhaps it’s because the writer took equal shots at his own….

Oh sure, there are a couple jabs to scowl at, and the comments are another offensive story altogether. But most of the suggested names, particularly Maverick, struck me as quite funny. (That said, I didn’t get the joke behind Easton Mitchell Easton Mitchell Johnston. Perhaps someone can explain.)
The author is correct. Celebrities not only have latitude but seeming obligation to choose wild names for their offspring. The worst in my recollection were those given by Julia Roberts to her twins, Phineas and Hazel. Although I do like Phin, there’s nothing salvageable in Hazel.
Do love Tripp.
[HT: reader Quinn – another great name]

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