UPDATE, 12/15, 7a: From The Sunday Times, December 14:

Public opinion has moved sharply in favour of assisted suicide, according to a poll for The Sunday Times. The YouGov survey of more than 2,000 people shows that most would consider euthanasia for themselves and think that relatives who help with assisted suicides at foreign clinics should not be prosecuted.

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The poll followed the broadcast last week by Sky TV of the assisted suicide of Craig Ewert, who was suffering from motor neurone disease. By two to one (61% to 27%), people said it was right to screen it….
It also revealed strong support for a change in the law on assisted suicide to give immunity from prosecution to those who help a relative or friend with an incurable condition to die. More than two-thirds (69%) think the law should be changed.
Most strikingly, by four to one (61% to 15%), people said they would consider assisted suicide for themselves if suffering from a terminal disease….

[HT: reader Susie A.]
On the heels of a MT judge forcing assisted suicide on her state… and on the heels of a 19-year-old committing suicide on the Internet after being goaded by commenters… and on the heels of Obama picking pro-euthanasia attorney Thomas Perrilli (who represented Michael Schiavo) for his transition team… comes this from The Sun

man's suicide slide 1.JPG

These shocking pictures reveal the moment a man kills himself at a suicide clinic in Switzerland….

The chilling scenes show Craig Ewert, 59, who had motor neurone disease, setting a timer to switch off his ventilator before drinking lethal sedatives.
And it will all be broadcast on British TV tomorrow night.
Mr Ewert’s assisted suicide at the Swiss Dignitas clinic, was filmed for a documentary called Right To Die – The Suicide Tourist, to be shown on Sky Real Lives channel on Wednesday night….

I don’t how anyone can deny our world’s growing preoccupation with death at the other end of abortion – euthanasia and assisted suicide. More photos on page 2.
[HT: reader Susie A.]
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