I read about the following US News & World Report poll while perusing Jill at Feministe’s “Three things to annoy you today.” Proud to say I made top spot in that piece for my WND column yesterday.
But it was the poll question – and results – that really got my attention (Feministe’s #3 aggravant).
us news report poll.jpg
I’m surprised US News had the nerve to ask the question, because sure as shootin’ feminists consider it sexist. Any reference to a woman’s maternal side is ix-nay. I happen to like the question because it recognizes the caretaking aspect of women….

But what does the poll reveal? I appreciate people are unaware of Michelle Obama’s dark side. I’d warn them to remove all scissors and vacuum hoses from the premises before leaving newborns with her.
Nevertheless, in my mind this was a “Who do you trust?” or “Who is nicest?” question, similar to the 2004 “Who would you rather have a beer with?” question Bush beat Kerry on, which some said explained why he won the presidential race. I think Sarah Palin would win the beer question against these 3, too.
So does this mean If Palin were in a race against Hillary or Nancy she’d win?
One thing we know. Liberals believe women who openly embrace motherhood and are pretty to boot aren’t considered capable of high stakes political prowess.
But I wonder what Americans believe.
Another interesting point, the pro-lifer won.
Will be interested in your thoughts on this.

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