Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpg(JLS note: Welcome to our new intern, Bernadette! I sure have missed (Prolifer)ations these past few months and the opportunity to spotlight important news other great pro-life blogs are catching. Bernadette is a hardcore pro-lifer attending a midwest Catholic university, majoring in psych and maintaining a 4.0 GPA! This is finals week, but Bernadette insisted on starting right away. And thanks to new administrative assistant Kelli for shepherding Bernadette and beginning to help – a lot! – with some of the functions on the blog.)
by Bernadette P.
From the blogs and elsewhere…

  • Judie Brown spotlights an American Animal Hospital Association report that teens are using a “medication meant to induce abortions in cows to abort their own unwanted pregnancies and avoid parental knowledge or the cost of an abortion.”
    The drugs implicated can cause devastating side effects in humans, including death.
    The report warned veterinarians and animal caretakers like farmers must remain vigilant when it comes to storing and distributing these chemicals.

  • From Alexa at Forest Nymph: A wife and mother of 6 from Britain saved the lives of her twins by delaying chemotherapy treatment. She discovered she had cancer at 13 weeks of pregnancy, but refused cancer treatment and chemotherapy, though she was pressured to abort:

    The doctors told me lots of horror stories of what would happen to the babies if I had the treatment while pregnant and I was mortified….There was no way I could deal with getting rid of my babies and having to then fight cancer. That was the turning point and I decided I would take a chance.

    After the birth of twins Poppy and Saffron at 32 weeks, her tumor was removed. She is now recovering, at home, with husband Adam and their children.

  • Forest Nymph also draws our attention to another LifeSiteNews story from Canada, where a couple is suing a hospital for not dehydrating their disabled baby daughter to death, after doctors discovered that she could breathe without life support.
    Shortly after her birth in November 2007, Phebe was transferred to a children’s hospital “in serious condition and… on life support.” Upon doctors’ advisement, the couple agreed to remove hydration and respiratory support. Upon doing so, however, “it was found that Phebe could breathe on her own.”
    The hospital’s ethics committee reversed the parents’ decision to withhold food and fluids from the baby. The couple is now suing.
    parental advisory.jpg

  • Physicians for Life reports on a recent study released by the Pittsburgh University School of Medicine suggesting teens who listen to music with sexually charged lyrics are twice as likely to engage in sexual activity.
    Researchers found a direct correlation between the two:

    …exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex was one of the strongest associations with sexual activity.

    However, the study concluded banning such music could be counter-productive and instead suggested that parents and guardians discuss sex in this context with their children.

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