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Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee
March 27

  • Jury finds Tiller not guiltycould still lose medical license
    March 26

  • MO Choose Life license plate gets favorable Appeals Court ruling
  • MO Gov. Nixon backs down on report putting pro-lifers in criminal profiling
  • HLI Prez Fr. Tom Euteneuer condemns Obama Notre Dame invite
    March 25

  • IL pro-life groups band together to stop state version of FOCA
  • China investigation re-confirms UNFPA assisted coercive one-child policy

    March 24

  • Judge demands FDA allow abortifacient morning after pill for minors
  • UT Governor signs 3 pro-life bills to limit abortions, law firm will help
    March 23

  • Pastor Walter Hoye begins serving 30-day jail sentenceoutrageous details
  • MO group accuses Gov. Nixon of unfairly targeting pro-life advocates
  • U.K. gov’t warns IVF children have higher risk of genetic defect

  • Taking on Goliath: Lila Rose against Planned Parenthood (Deal Hudson)
  • Tiller relied on disgraced abortionist to keep biz going (Kathy Ostrowski)
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