Jivin J touched on this last week while I was on vacation, but I wanted to expound.
Oprah spotlighted Parkinson’s Disease on her March 30 show, featuring her own doctor, Mehmet Oz, author of the best-selling YOU book series, and actor and PD sufferer Michael J. Fox.
Fox is well-known as a self-serving proponent of human embryo experimentation. One of my columns getting the most feedback was, “Michael J. Fox is a cannibal.”
I can’t imagine what Fox must have thought when Dr. Oz actually gave a visual demonstration with Fox’s inadvertent help to show why embryonic stem cells wouldn’t ever work as a PD treatment and, in fact, the fight over the stem cell issue likely ate up valid research time.
Dr. Oz went on to say he thought important PD treatment would be seen within the decade. The sad fact is Fox has thwarted his own help.
Josh Brahm has issued a Life Report on this Oprah segment, including the show clip:

The person writing Oprah’s highlights was obviously either a Fox fan or escr proponent or both, dismissing the debate as only moral, thus ignoring Dr. Oz’s scientific explanation why escr is bad and adult stem research is good….

This writer also allowed Fox’s blame of the Bush administration to stand unanswered as to the delay of success.
Actually, the writer didn’t even know what s/he was talking about, stating Dr. Oz indicated “stem cells aren’t the only solution,” only going on to describe adult stem cell treatment.

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