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  • World Magazine and the Omaha World-Herald both have articles on how the economy is possibly affecting women in unplanned pregnancies.
  • Kim Lute, an associate producer at CNN International in Atlanta, has an editorial in favor of ESCR.
    She seems to think embryonic stem cells will one day lower the number of people who need organ donations. Unable to find any examples of how embryonic stem cells are ever going to be used to create replacement organs, she turns to adult stem cells for a success story…

    Recently, an article in British medical journal The Lancet announced that a team of international doctors performed a pioneering and successful windpipe transplant on a young Colombian woman. A donated trachea was re-engineered using the woman’s own stem cells – extracted from her bone marrow – thus eliminating the need for immuno-suppressant drugs.
    This biological and transformative structure renewed hopes that manufactured organs might revolutionize the concept of traditional transplantation. Now that stem cell research will be better funded, perhaps science can succeed where human generosity has failed. Perhaps no one else will face a preventable death.

    It’s really quite breathtaking to realize how little proponents of ESCR know about the research they are so fervent to support.

  • According to the Catholic News Agency, Obama is having some trouble finding an ambassador to the Vatican and knows that Doug Kmiec wouldn’t be accepted. The Vatican is denying they’ve turned down Obama’s picks.
  • Someone might want to inform Time‘s Amy Sullivan that Barack Obama expanded the federal funding of ESCR. He didn’t sign “an executive order allowing research on embryonic stem cells to go forward after an 8-year halt.”
    It would be nice if reporters took a few minutes to familiarize themselves before writing stories.

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