Thanks to friend Michael N. for suggesting the new poll question:

Which jury performed worse?

Options are the 1995 O. J. Simpson jury or the 2009 George Tiller jury.
Here are the results of my previous poll. Having no idea whether liberals would take over the question, I’m happy to report 87% of you thought Notre Dame should rescind its invitation to President Abortion to speak at its commencement…

poll 4-4-09 slide 1.JPG
Here were your votes. Click to enlarge to find your own brightly colored flag. Interestingly, our friends from around the globe were in complete agreement…
poll 4-4-09 slide 2.JPG
poll 4-4-09 slide 3.JPG
As always, make comments to either this or last week’s poll here, not on the Vizu website.

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