In 2005, Jay Leno’s wife, Mavis, told the Detroit Free Press:

“Our current conservative, religious government is obsessed with women on life support and with fetuses because they are imaginary people,” as opposed to acknowledging the rights of everyday women, she said.

It is making increasingly less sense to me that liberal feminists like Mavis Leno so totally disregard female “imaginary people,” particularly since on ultrasound they must look real enough to be killed in the worst display of sexism possible, as they now comprise well over half of preborns aborted.

And to clarify, that “wom[a]n on life support,” Terri Schiavo, was not on life support at all and was not even close to being as brain dead as liberal feminists like Leno who abandoned their supposed sister to starvation and dehydration after her seedy husband suddenly recalled, years after winning a sealed amount of money in a malpractice lawsuit and fathering two children with another woman, that Terri preferred death by torture to living as a disabled person in the care of her loving parents and siblings.

jay and mavis leno.jpgSo Leno can spare me her words of concern for the plight of oppressed women in Afghanistan, which is why she says she is hosting a Hollywood fundraiser for the Feminist Majority Foundation on April 29 with her soon-to-be NBC prime-time player husband, Jay. One right they want is for Afghan women to be free to abort. Crazy….

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