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  • Christina at RealChoice draws our attention to an MSNBC report regarding this month’s SELF magazine. She says:

    Single, pregnant and panicked starts off well enough, looking at the complex dynamics that lead smart, well-educated 20-something women to get cavalier about their birth control. But it ends with beating the “more contraceptives education” drum – completely dismissing out of hand the dynamics of relationships….

    The article portrays pregnancy as an unwanted illness like cancer, and the woman in the story is devastated when she realizes she is pregnant. (A devoted vegan who is training for a marathon can clearly not be bothered with a gift like a baby!)
    The article shows a “sidebar courtesy of Planned Parenthood” with statements like:

    “Watch for interactions.” [Not between you and other people – between other substances and the Pill.]
    “Learn to love condoms.” [Again, ignoring human dynamics. One of author Robert Heinlein’s characters once dismissively characterized condoms as “making love without touching,” and it is a bizarre idea: “I love you enough to want you inside me – as long as we don’t have any actual physical contact.”]
    “Find ‘the one.'” [This refers not to “the one man you want to build a family with” but rather to the Pill you take to avoid a family.]

    The article is unbelievably crude and disrespectful to the nature of life and to the dignity of men and women in general.

  • ProLifeBlogs reports that some Christian radio talk-show hosts are criticizing Ann Coulter for her support of GOP member Mitt Romney, claiming that Romney is “willing to sacrifice children for your vote.”
    Denver-based American Right to Life is heading the campaign. They have released a YouTube video that “shows excerpts of Coulter’s on-air radio freak-outs and calls on the acid-tongued author to apologize and retract her support for Romney.”

  • Voices Carry notes a story by MSNBC regarding Catholic Churches in Krakow,Poland which are opening their arms to accept unwanted babies.
    When a woman wishes to drop off her child, she can legally place the baby into a bassinet inside a “drop box,” a little window in the wall of the church or convent. Immediately an alarm sounds, notifying the priests/nuns that a baby has been placed there. The child promptly receives medical attention and care. The first minute of the video shows this story….

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