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  • Culture Campaign notes that the VT legislature is considering the legalization of “sexting” among teenagers aged 13 – 18. The Senate passed the bill last week and the House will hear testimony on it soon.
    “Sexting” is the sharing of sexually explicit pictures and/or messages through texting. Talk-show hosts from Oprah to Tyra Banks have devoted entire shows to the controversial topic….

    Supporters of the bill claim they “don’t want to condone the behavior but they don’t think teenagers should be prosecuted as sex offenders for consensual conduct.”
    Passing private pictures, videos and messages along to other parties would still be illegal.

  • The Family Research Council elaborates further on this week’s Chinese stem cell study on mice, which found that females have stem cells in their ovaries that can produce more eggs, just as males have stem cells in the testes that can produce more sperm:

    The evidence is in contrast to the usual dogma that women have a finite number of immature eggs, some of which mature and are ovulated, and that the number of eggs becomes depleted with age….
    [I]f similar cells could be found in humans, it might lead to treatments that extend or rejuvenate fertility. It could also pose a concern if those who want to do cloning try to use the cells to create large numbers of eggs for experiments.


  • Forest Nymph spotlights a Catholic News Agency report that Portugal must pay remunerations to 3 abortion agencies operating the DutchShip of Death.”
    Abortions are performed on the deck of this ship (yes, on the deck!) near countries where abortion is illegal. According to the blog:

    The [European] Court said Portugal violated… freedom of expression, even though at the time abortion was not legal in the country and the “Ship of Death” was not engaged in an act of “expression” but in the performing of abortions in violation of Portuguese law.

    The Portuguese government has no plans to appeal the ruling.

  • Also from Forest Nymph, pro-life groups in several states are suing DMVs for “Choose Life” license plates. According to CNS News:

    NJ officials argue the slogan does not meet their program’s guidelines. The Children First Foundation, a NY anti-abortion group, says the state is violating its free-speech rights.

    Citizens can, however, buy specialty plates for everything from military branches to college sports teams.
    The panel of 3 judges did not say when they would rule on the suit.
    [Photo courtesy of Biofides]

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