by Carder

The MacDonald family can tell us a thing or 2 about surviving abortion. The story begins in 1968, when Jenn MacDonald‘s mother attempted to abort her, but felt too guilty to finish the job. Jenn says…

Unmarried, still in high school, and alone she tried to abort me, but in 1968 abortion was still illegal. The “procedure” didn’t work and she was supposed to return the next week to try again. Being raised Catholic, she “got the guilts” and didn’t return. But for God‘s grace, I would have been thrown out with the trash.
I was raised poor, unwanted, many times neglected, and used. Overall, mine wasn’t a happy childhood. I was blessed with a faithful Catholic grandmother who loved me and prayed for me, although often from a distance. By most standards, my life as judged from the beginning was a textbook case FOR abortion.
God had other plans. Despite those many painful years, life is worth living. My adult life is filled with joy and meaning. My 5 children are alive today because God’s grace spared their mother.

Recently 2 of Jenn’s children submitted video entries for Lia Mills’ Challenge to Pro-Life Youth Contest.
The video by Jenn’s 7-year-old son is at the top of this post.
Jenn’s 11-year-old daughter composed a song that she worked on for months…

It is from the mouths of babes that we hear such innocent wisdom.
Here is an excerpt from the lyrics, posted with permission from her proud father, Dave MacDonald:

On that day, when my mama’s mom tried to abort her,
God was there,
Through His grace she was spared,
She found those who would care,
His gift of love is why I am alive.
You were there, You were there,
You were watching over us.
By Your grace we were born,
And my daddy’s not alone.

© 2009. E. MacDonald. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

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