Barack Obama’s venture one step beyond unencumbered and taxpayer-funded abortion support to radically support infanticide of abortion survivors was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many pro-lifers….

It explains why more bishops than ever before spoke against Obama during the election season and is ultimately why his appearance at Notre Dame has invoked such loathing. Were ND’s commencement honoree Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy there would have been complaints but not of this magnitude.
Obama supporters have always denied Obama supports infanticide despite overwhelming evidence such as his votes and floor speeches as state senator against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. There is even audiotape of Obama stating it would be a “burden to the original decision of the woman” to provide emergency care to abortion survivors.
That’s all Obama supporters can do, really. It would be ridiculous to defend Obama’s pro-infanticide stance, so they just deny it ever happened.
And thus it was on May 8 that Soros-funded Media Matters tried once again to deny the undeniable. MM was picking apart Rush Limbaugh’s May 7 replacement, Mark Davis, word by word and came to this…
hour 2.jpg

… Then it was on to Obama’s upcoming ND speech, which has outraged every Catholic in the country, judging by Fox News’ coverage of the issue.
Of course, Catholics, by and large, are not upset, but a vocal minority of conservative Catholics insist it’s a controversy, so let’s run with it.
Apparently, a conservative group wanted to put up a billboard near the school attacking Obama as “pro-abortion,” but was stymied by the billboard company, which insisted the group change the language to “pro-choice.” Davis understood this is a semantic game, but nonetheless intoned: “Should the people have been able to say that the president was not pro-choice or even pro-abortion choice, but pro-abortion? You know, when you stick up for infanticide like this guy has.”
Point of clarity – Obama has never stuck up for infanticide. Never – not once – except in the fevered dreams of Jill Stanek and Rush Limbaugh.

Excuse me, denying Obama’s own words – even on tape – and I’m the one hallucinating?
[Cartoon attribution: Chicago Sun-Times, published during the 2004 US Senate campaign in IL]

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