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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Parenting Freedom points out a new survey, showing 2 out of 3 adults believe being a mother is the most important role a woman can ever fill.
    72% of women believe it is the most important role as opposed to 60% of men believing the same.

  • Covenant News draws attention to a story regarding a WA woman who is suing army doctors over a botched abortion….

    Army doctors, according to the suit, convinced her she needed an abortion and “then botched the procedure not once, but twice.” They prescribed a drug to induce an abortion and then performed a D&C. A few months passed and her husband was deployed to Iraq before she noticed some unusual signs. She went to the doctor and discovered she was still pregnant.
    After 7½ months and bed rest, her daughter was born by C-section, with lung damage and serious brain injuries as a result of the attempted abortions. The family’s lawsuit asks for money for pain and suffering, as well as compensation for the medical costs the family is incurring. Their daughter will require constant medical care for the rest of her life.
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  • Also from Covenant News, an OR school board has voted 3:2 to allow high school nurses to prescribe the Pill to teen girls.
    The measure came after 5 seniors at the high school gave birth to babies; 9 more seniors are currently pregnant. The school has a total attendance of about 300.

  • Forest Nymph writes on an important new MO law, approved just this morning by the Senate, which requires that women seeking an abortion be notified of abortion risks and fetal development one day before the procedure. The bill, passed by a vote of 25 to 7, also requires that the information be given in person, and that women are to be shown a fetal ultrasound and heartbeat upon request.
    The bill now travels back to the House, which recently approved a similar bill. Gov. Jay Nixon could receive the bill as early as tomorrow.
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