UPDATE, 3:40p: Just received a link to this very disrespectful April 14 letter to the editor by Terry against Bishop D’Arcy. Am adding that to my list of grievances against him.
Ah, gee. I frankly wish Randall Terry would go away. Most of the pro-life community has shunned him for lots of reasons. My biggie is he’s lowdown suing Troy Newman for Operation Rescue’s name, such a pathetic waste of energy and money.
Recently I added to my list Terry’s disrespect of and subsequent disavowal by Archbishop Raymond Burke.
randall terry 2.jpgSo Terry has a penchant for getting arrested… thinks it’s the way to go… so 1990s. There are noble reasons to get arrested (Pastor Hoye), and then there is Terry’s reason: attention. He gives pro-lifers a bad name when he pulls stunts like this.
From WSBT.com, this afternoon:

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry bonded out of the St. Joseph County Jail Friday afternoon after being arrrested earlier in the day for trespassing on the University of Notre Dame campus….

Terry posted a $250 bond, a jail spokesman said. He is scheduled to appear in court at 8 a.m. May 19.
Terry was arrested about 12:20 p.m. near Notre Dame Law School for violating a campus no-trespass order Notre Dame had issued him earlier in the day, university spokesman Dennis Brown said.
Notre Dame Security Police placed him in a security vehicle and delivered him to the jail.
Terry and some followers were protesting President Barack Obama’s upcoming commencement visit to the Catholic university. Group members were pushing baby strollers containing dolls covered in fake blood when the arrest occurred.
Terry, a Catholic convert, has been in South Bend since late March to protest Obama’s planned visit and acceptance of a Notre Dame honorary degree. Because of Obama’s pro-choice stance regarding abortion and his support for fetal stem-cell research, opponents say the university shouldn’t be honoring the president.
Randall and some followers conducted a similar protest with the dolls in baby strollers Thursday.

I don’t like the dolls and fake blood business either. The reality of abortion is bad enough. There’s no need for visual hyperbolics.
[HT: Arina; photo courtesy of the Tribune]