women's center chicken.jpgLast April, I wrote about pro-abort shenanigans at the Northern Illinois Woman’s Center in Rockford, IL (here and here), where staff hung a lynched rubber chicken in the window, displayed dolls in coffins, dressed like satan, and threatened pro-lifers, all with no notice from MSM.
It appears the noosed chicken turned off many of the mill’s African-American clients, so staff recently hung it instead on a cross and also made other aesthetic changes. These came as a result, according to pro-lifer on the scene, Kevin, who also took the following pictures as recently as last Friday:

It seems these pictures were this abortion mill’s response to the success of the Rockford 40 Days for Life campaign. We know of 19 moms who chose life, and that upset the abortionist and clinic owner.

WARNING: Blasphemy and graphic language follow…

women's center foca you.jpg
May 27, 2009 006.JPG
women's center hiv.jpg
women's center montage.jpg

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