EMILY’s List is a PAC with 1 sole goal: Elect Democrat pro-abort women to Congress (click to enlarge):
emilys list mission 2.jpg
That’s all EMILY’s List is about. That’s all it does.
Which is why I found it strange when attending the EMILY’s List reception at last year’s Democrat convention that speakers – from EL prez Ellen Malcolm to Hillary to Michelle – barely alluded to the word “choice,” never mind “abortion.” In 1.5 hours of speeches, the topic about which everyone was in the room got no more than 3 minutes total.
I find this so totally strange. Imagine attending a pro-life banquet and having speakers talk about everything else under the sun. I’d think the organization had lost its way. I’d want my money back.
But pro-abortion organizations avoid the topic all the time! More than that, they pretend they’re about the opposite of abortion.
Case in point. I got an email from Ellen yesterday bragging on one of EL’s candidates Kirsten Gillibrand, who replaced Hillary as US senator from NY. She is supported, may I remind you, solely because she’s a raving pro-abort.
Ellen put together a nice photo album for us of Kirsten’s daily life. And here was the album cover…

Now I just don’t get this. Why would a pro-abort organization show off its pro-abort candidate holding a baby?
Next we see more warm and fuzzy photos of Kirsten with her kids (which creeps me out: how can women who’ve carried babies remain radical abortion activists?), albeit only to drive them to daycare and school, not to spend any time with them again that day except between the hours of 5-6p. Click all album pages to enlarge…
Note this page. The pro-abort organization touting the pro-abort candidate highlights her concern for baby product safety…
Here we see pictures painted by Gillibrand’s kids spotlighted, also prominent in the photo above…
Now we switch back to a pro-abort function without saying it, to “talk[ ] about her family”?
Gillibrand brags about a grandmother who would have been fine with her mother aborting her had grandma not decided first to abort her mother?
Why was this photo purposefully cropped to leave in the little girl?
Talk about mixed messages. Why doesn’t anyone question this bizarreness?

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