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  • Both Ramesh Ponnuru and Jay Watts respond to William Saletan’s argument that individuals who kill abortion providers are the only ones who truly believe the unborn are as valuable as the born.
    The more I think about it, the more I see how thoughtless Saletan’s argument is. For example, take his argument and use it on other movements. Does he think those who resorted to violence (like John Brown) were the only abolitionists who really thought that slaves were persons? Did William Wilberforce not really believe slaves were equal to free men because he didn’t kill slave traders?…

  • Pro-choicers often assert something along the lines of “whatever choice a woman makes regarding her pregnancy is the best choice.” In an RH Reality Check blog post, Ann Rose departs from this line of thinking and claims that abortion is the “best solution” for women whose unborn children are diagnosed with fetal anomalies late in pregnancy:

    Without a doubt, the number one reason for abortions past 24 weeks is the late discovery of a fetal anomaly incompatible with life. I’ve talked with many women who find themselves in this situation and it is always an extremely difficult and heart-wrenching situation. Many women even underwent infertility treatments to become pregnant.
    But, when the pregnancy goes horribly awry, a Mercy Abortion is the best solution in a no-win situation. These are women who need abortion more than many others.

  • RH Reality Check blogger Emily Douglas is claiming Jill Stanek is aiding and abetting people who want to kill abortionists because Jill posted photos of Leroy Carhart’s dump of an abortion clinic:

    She and her readers just want “to take a look.” Why? She wants to prove her point that it’s a dingy building? Over Carhart’s safety, and the safety of his staff and patients?

    If posting the photos of Carhart’s “dingy” abortion clinic is aiding people who want to harm abortionists, then wouldn’t Carhart also be aiding people who want to harm abortionists because his web site (which is also rather dingy) posts the address of his clinic and maps to it?

  • RH Reality Check has gotten around to posting the PDFs of the Justice For All training manual. It’s really disturbing to see all the reactions by pro-choice bloggers and commenters to this rather straightforward pro-life training manual.
    Jill from Feministe calls it a “‘How to Lie’ instruction guide.” These kinds of completely irrational reactions make me wonder if some of these pro-choice people could ever be reasoned with. It just appears they’ve gotten to the place where they’re more focused on attacking and belittling any pro-life person or organization that they no longer have the ability to even understand where a pro-life person is coming from.

  • I’m with Jen R. of Turn the Clock Forward. What can we do to help make Randall Terry (pictured left) go away and stay away? Who still supports this guy?
  • Stephanie Simon has an article in the Wall Street Journal about the practices at Tiller’s abortion clinic.
  • Maggie Gallagher writes on the murders of George Tiller and Army Pvt. William A. Long:

    At the New York Times, one story is front-page news; the other is buried in the back pages. Are anti-war voices that condemn the US military responsible for Pvt. Long’s atrocious murder? No….
    But the man who murdered Dr. George Tiller will have to answer not only for his own evil act, but for the pall he casts by association on the good men and women of this country fighting for equality for all human beings, the born and the unborn — for our equal, inalienable right to live. Just being human is enough to give us this right. Smart people share it with dumb people. Good people with bad people. Fully grown adults with the tiniest human life in the womb.
    None of us has the right to be jury, judge and executioner. None of us can be trusted with the power to decide, on our own individual initiative, who is worthy of life and who deserves death.
    None of us.

  • The UK’s Telegraph has a story about a man who killed his girlfriend after she had an abortion:

    Wilson, 28, told Sheffield Crown Court that he lost his temper and felled Mrs. Preece with one blow after she told him she had had an abortion a few days earlier.
    “I was angry that she had not asked me if I wanted to keep it,” he said.
    He admitted that he punched her in the mouth, knocking her straight to the floor, punched her again and then stamped twice on her head with “severe” force.

    [Photo attribution: Daylife.com]

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