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  • Joe Carter laments President Obama’s disbandment of the President’s Council of Bioethics:

    In other words, the Obama administration already knows where it stands on all those pesky moral issues like human cloning, chimeras, and euthanasia, and just needs a group to provide advice on how to implement its preferred policies.
    Whereas the previous councils wrestled with such questions as “What is the nature of human dignity?” the new one will most likely be addressing more practical policy options, such as “How much should we pay women to harvest their eggs for cloning?”

  • Legislators in MI have introduced legislation to provide some regulation for researchers in the state who kill human embryos.
    In 2008, MI voters voted in favor of Proposal 2, an amendment to the state constitution which legalized the killing of human embryos for research. Proposal 2’s proponents, who promised the research would be regulated, are already fuming about the legislation.

  • The Wichita Eagle reports pro-life groups in KS have reported receiving death threats in the wake of George Tiller’s murder:

    A third Wichita-based anti-abortion group, the Kansas Coalition for Life, also has received threats, said the group’s president, Mark Gietzen.
    Gietzen said he received three serious threats since the shooting, two of which were “bad enough that I called police,” he said.
    One person left a text message a few hours after the shooting. The message: “One of you is going to die for what you did to Tiller.”

  • Abortions appear to be on the rise in Portugal:

    At the Amadora-Sintra Hospital, which caters for 700k habitants, the majority of which suffer social and economic difficulties, voluntary abortions have risen by 23%, while the birthrate is dropping.
    Doctors fear this may be directly related to worries caused by the economic crisis and the impact it will have on extending families.

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