The Feminist Majority reported June 22:

The National Organization for Women elected Terry O’Neill to be its next President in a tight race this past weekend at their national conference in Indianapolis, IN…. O’Neill’s ticket won by a razor-thin margin over Latifa Lyles, who currently serves as Membership VP, and her team.

How innocuous. But here’s the backstory – indicating dissension in the ranks – from the New York Times

NOW elected a new president in a victory over a rival who had been endorsed by the group’s departing leader….
Ms. Lyles, who is black, had said she could help give the organization, with a membership that is mostly white and over 40, a new image of youth and diversity that would appeal to younger feminists. She had been enthusiastically endorsed by Kim Gandy, who is retiring on July 20 after 8 years as president….

Lyles is 33. O’Neill is 56.
Per the Catholic News Agency, it appears the nasty old guard doesn’t want to give up the power, to the detriment of the organization, which is fine with me:

Lyles was seen as a figure who could modernize NOW. Her campaign website spoke of working with “new technology” and trying to “re-energize feminist activists.”

mean old ladies.jpg

Among important goals, she listed an increase in membership, including “the recruitment of young women and women of color, both as members and leaders.”
… In her endorsement [of Lyles], feminist Nancy Redd acknowledged membership growth had “stagnated” and thousands of similarly-minded activists “dismiss involvement with NOW, not seeing our organization as ‘for them.'”

[HT NYT story: Amanda Carpenter; top photo attribution:; bottom photo attribution: fadingstarlet]

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