Thumbnail image for tillerhands.jpgLast week the US House unanimously passed Democrat-sponsored House Resolution 505, expressing “condolences to Dr. [George] Tiller’s family” and condemning “violence and murder” in one’s “place of worship.”
(Removed from the final version was the heading, “Condemning the murder of Dr. George Tiller, who was shot to death at his church on May 31, 2009.”)
Well, 3 Democrat pro-abort senators just couldn’t leave well enough alone, as Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH) admitted in a

… Shaheen, [Barbara] Boxer [CA] and [Amy] Klobuchar [MN] were asked adopt the House language in the Senate, but decided to move forward with their resolution, as they feel condemning violence against women’s health care providers and agreeing not to use violence as a means of resolving differences are not objectionable viewpoints.

Shaheen (pictured right) called their version “non-controversial.” It sought to indict the entire pro-life movement for extremely rare acts of vigilante violence as well as claim Tiller’s murder had only to do with unambiguous “health care services.” Note the A-word is never mentioned:

Condemning the use of violence against providers of health care services to women.
Whereas Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, KS was shot to death at church on Sunday, May 31;
Whereas there is a history of violence against providers of reproductive health care, as health care employees have suffered threats and hostility in order to provide crucial services to patients;
Whereas the threat or use of force or physical obstruction has been used to injure, intimidate, or interfere with individuals seeking to obtain or provide health care services; and
Whereas acts of violence are never an acceptable means of expression and always shall be condemned: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Senate—
(1) Expresses great sympathy for the family, friends and patients of Dr. George Tiller;
(2) Recognizes that acts of violence should never be used to prevent women from receiving reproductive health care; and
(3) Condemns the use of violence as a means of resolving differences of opinion.

According to pro-abort report, a lone unnamed senator put a hold on the resolution.
slide 1 feministe.JPGAnd in the aftermath, the intended goal was made clear. Wrote Jill at

Bravo to pro-life senators for not selling out the movement.

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