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A double heart breaker for me was reading that a large contingent in the Iran uprising was women. Of course. They are unbearably oppressed.
And they were abandoned back to their hell on earth by so-called feminist Barack Obama, as they were by so-called feminist groups like the National Organization for Women, from which we have heard nary a peep re: the Iran situation….

NOW was too busy standing behind Obama, both focused almost solely on abortion, over half of whom’s victims are female. Had Iranian women been protesting for the right to abort rather than the right to their own humanity, well, that would have been something else.
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The other heart breaker was the stark reminder that this country and these women need Jesus.
Jesus liberated women. Jesus lived in a culture that treated women the same as they are treated today in Iran. There’s much more to this topic, but bearing that in mind, read this by Mary Evans, from her book, Woman in the Bible:

To turn from a consideration of the place of women in Judaism and the Roman Empire… to look at the attitude and behavior of Jesus as presented in the gospels, is to be immediately aware of a startling contrast. Jesus’ approach to women is without precedent in contemporary Judaism….

Jesus healed women, He allowed them to touch Him and to follow Him; He spoke without restraint of women, to women and with women. He related to women primarily as human beings rather than as sexual beings, that is, He was interested in them as persons, seeing their sex as an integral part but by no means the totality of their personality….
So, from the gospel accounts a portrait of Jesus emerges which is clear and consistent…. His attitude to women was startlingly new, He was able to mix freely and naturally with women of all sorts, and women followed and ministered to Him. His approach can accurately be described as revolutionary, and we must take care in assessing the impact of Jesus’ approach from our post-
revolution standpoint, not to forget just how revolutionary it was.

It is no wonder women helped fund Jesus’ ministry, and they were the first to view His resurrection and the first to carry the Gospel message. Matthew, Mark, and Luke indicate women were the first to view the resurrected Jesus. Unlike most of His male followers, women stayed with Jesus to the end and aided in His burial. As Evans wrote, “there is no record of any woman ever opposing Jesus.”
There was an awful, chilling phone call placed by a woman from Iran this week, begging for help:

In actuality, the women (and men) of Iran need Jesus, not Obama, to rescue them. Obama’s a wimp anyway, simply a reminder once again not to put our faith in people.
What is going on in Iran and the entire Middle East isn’t a political issue, in reality. It is a God issue. It is our issue as Christians.
[Photo attribution of man pointing cane at woman during protest in Tehran: Newsweek]

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