UPDATE, 7/28, 7:20a: Doug Johnson of National Right to Life has corroborated my concern about taxpayer funding of federal employees’ abortions at CQ Politics.
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CQ Politics’ Jonathan Allen was responding to my post last night, “Breaking news: Legislation funding DC abortions includes abortion funding for 8 million federal employees.”
Allen continued…

But the long-standing law – “No funds appropriated by this act shall be available to pay for an abortion, or the administrative expenses in connection with any health plan under the Federal employees health benefits program which provides any benefits or coverage for abortions” – has always been a House provision….
Typically in recent years – as is the case this year – the Senate bill has been silent on the matter and the House provision has been included in the final law.

I’m not clear on why Allen went out of his way to mock the pro-life community as hypersensitive – as if there were no reason to be, even if that were true in this case.
Nevertheless, Allen got it backwards. A Senate committee led by rabid pro-abort Dick Durbin passed a funding bill that deleted a provision banning taxpayer funded abortion from the federal employees health care plan – thereby proposing a change in current law to permit it.
And Allen’s defense is the Senate always tries to fund the killing of federal employees’ babies, but not to worry because the House stops it?
Additionally don’t forget we had a stopgap Republican president the last 8 years who would have vetoed the current Senate version.
The fact is, this year of all years it would be stupid to dull our senses to a repetitive Senate maneuver to gut a law prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortions for 8 million federal employees.
After all, Obama heralds the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program as a model for healthcare.
Strangely, Allen closed his piece corroborating my concern:

Still, an aide to a conservative senator said that fears about the larger health care overhaul providing for taxpayer-funded abortions, either through subsidized health insurance for individuals or coverage by a government-backed plan, are likely to bring heat on the Senate’s omission of FEHBP ban.
It won’t come to senate floor without a fight,” the aide said. “Taxpayers don’t want to pay for abortions for federal employees.”

My only conclusion is Allen wrote a simple hit piece. But I have “hypercharged reaction[s]” to things.

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