mortonstrunk.jpgA new pro-life children’s website has been launched to teach the importance of the sanctity of life and to show children the love of their heavenly Father.
Morton’s Trunk: Loving Life features a cartoon video entitled “Morton Hears the Womb,” which presents a child-friendly explanation of the history of abortion as well as bad messages pregnant mothers in crisis are given by society. Most importantly, the cartoon ends with encouraging children to become involved in the fight. All this is presented in poetry form, similar to “Horton Hears a Who.”…

fingerprints2.jpgThe colorful site also features sections and activity pages on what abortion is, how to pray for the unborn, and how God views His precious children – all presented in a child-friendly and attractive manner. Additional sections include a presentation of the Gospel message and amazing facts about God’s glory in nature.
Only constructive criticisms: The activities upload rather slowly, and some of the language is still adultspeak (suggested prayer: “Jesus, I plead your blood over my sin and the sin of my nation,” etc.)
Parents, be sure to check out this site to show your children what they can do on behalf of the unborn.
[HT: Debi Gatlyn]

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