Last night over 36k people accessed (or tried to access) the historic webcast.
The audiotape will be available soon.
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We have been given a To Do list, which we must start completing TODAY, if you didn’t start last night….

Here’s why: Even though Senate leader Harry Reid said yesterday his chamber won’t hold a vote on socialized healthcare before the August recess (House: Aug. 3 – Sept. 4; Senate: Aug. 1 – Sept. 5), House leader Nancy Pelosi is threatening to delay the start of her group’s recess over this. Meanwhile Obama’s people said yesterday they’re still pushing for a vote before the recess. The White House has called a meeting with leaders today to discuss the schedule. There’s good reason for Obama wanting to get ‘er done before recess. He knows during that month at home members will get an ear full from constituents and come back shakier than ever on his anti-life boondoggle.
So, let’s get going. has prepared a 1-page action guide. Forward this to your list. From the guide:

1. Pray
2. E-mail and write letters to your representative and 2 senators at:
3. Call the Washington office and the local office of your representative and 2 senators; instructions at:
4. Spread the word! Distribute this flyer to everyone you know and use Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail samples at:
5. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper using samples at:

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