“Disaster plans leave disabled behind”

In the midst of a national debate on healthcare rationing of the elderly, disabled, and informed comes this, posted on Drudge this morning. in the Washington Times:
katrina wheelchairs.jpg

Four years after Hurricane Katrina exposed major deficiencies in the capacity of governments to evacuate and care for the disabled during a natural disaster, America’s most vulnerable citizens are barely considered in most emergency plans, according to a report being issued Wednesday by the National Council on Disability….

The report says huge gaps exist in those emergency plans despite an executive order issued by President Bush in 2004 urging federal and local governments, as well as private organizations, to consider the unique needs of the disabled when planning rescues and preparing to provide emergency shelter….

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The healthcare and emergency care issues are related in spotlighting a constituency Obamacare has been accused of targeting: the disabled. Conversely, how many of us would expect Obama to take it upon himself as President Bush did to issue an executive order protecting the disabled in the event of an emergency?

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  1. jyw, perhaps I wasn’t clear. I was speaking of Bush’s forethought to write an executive order to plan for the rescue and care of the disabled in the event of a catastrophe, based on Katrina hindsight. By comparison, I can’t envision Obama writing such an order.

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