UPDATE, 4:15p: Haley is currently the SC House Majority Whip. Here’s her bio.
by Carder
nikki_haley.jpgKeep your eyes on Nikki Haley. She’s principled, driven, and wonderfully pro-life.
Among her other attributes…
While unapologetically pro-life, she is first and foremost known as a fiscal conservative. She is the type of candidate conservatives claim they want, as well as the type of candidate libertarians claim to want.
While she won’t please everyone – the only candidate who ever tried is now in the White House making everyone mad – she gets checks in all the major boxes: life, tax cutting, government cutting, honesty, and uncompromising on the need to reform.
Do you think she’ll be anywhere near as attacked as Sarah Palin?
[Photo attribution: redstate.com]

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