In this week’s video report, the American Life League leafs through the 1k+ pages of Obamacare to show how abortion is a Trojan horse in the bill.
Then ALL challenges Catholic Charities and the Catholic Health Association for supporting Obamacare, dropping this little bombshell: 5 days after endorsing Obamacare Catholic Charities got its 1st ever government contract – for $100 million. Quid pro quo….

On a grander scale, Deal Hudson at has been writing on this topic all week. On August 10 in a piece entitled, “The risks of a ‘right’ to healthcare,” Deal wrote:

Through the official statements of the USCCB, the Catholic bishops assert that health care is a “basic human right.” Since the release of their 1981 pastoral letter on health and health care, the bishops have consistently argued that the federal government is responsible for establishing “a comprehensive health care system that will ensure a basic level of health care for all Americans.”…


Perhaps more Catholics would question the necessity of the present suggestion for health care reform if they realized the central argument – health care as a human right – is muddled and, therefore, dangerous….
To assert the right to health care as the end of the argument leaps over both prudential reasoning and the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, which stipulates that a social problem should first be dealt with at a local level before being addressed at higher, governmental levels….
Giving the responsibility for adjudicating the meaning of the health care right to the government poses obvious problems for Catholics, and should be a deal-breaker for the bishops….
Catholics will be handing the morally charged responsibility of medical treatment to political leadership whose operating assumptions about the human person are antithetical to Catholic social teaching…..

In a piece yesterday entitled, “Catholics Should Oppose a Federal Takeover of Healthcare, Period.,” Deal wrote:
jesus was a socialist.jpg

Are all Catholics supposed to become socialists in order to solve the health needs of the poor, the immigrants, the uninsured? Opposition to a federal takeover of healthcare is not just an “American” protest, it is a Catholic one, as well. A Catholic should know as well as any other citizen that the truly personal life of individuals and families should not be controlled by the state.
The current healthcare legislation, in all 5 of the bills being considered, poses a clear and present danger to the conscience and religious liberty of every Catholic. Catholics should be challenging the assumption that Church teaching is congruent with government-directed, universal healthcare. Medical care is one of the most morally-charged and private dimensions of our personhood. Why would anyone want to hand off those decisions to the federal government?
Rather than being directed by an individual’s decision-making, the government, with its own value system, will inevitably be rationing healthcare.

I concur with Deal completely and am relieved to read his thoughts. I have been bothered by certain Catholic leadership support of nationalized healthcare. I would be just as bothered if aware of liberal Protestant support as well, which I’m sure is out there.
The Evangelical Protestant perspective, which as you know is solo scriptura, is that the Church is primarily responsible to care for the poor and the sick, (importantly, the sick poor). Deal is saying the same thing from a Catholic perspective.
The government’s role is to protect citizens, and provide societal order and justice.
Mixing these roles causes societal chaos and harm. We’ve seen the government completely muck up care of the poor, since it instituted welfare, thwarting Biblical teaching, for instance, that fit people should not be given handouts. Who can forget the photo, for instance, of a supposedly homeless poor man taking a photo of Michelle Obama with his cell phone while in line for free food at a local D.C. soup kitchen in March?
michelle obama cell phone.jpg
We’ve seen the government completely muck up care of the sick, too, since becoming involved in healthcare, using that launchpad, for instance, to thwart Biblical teaching about sexual behavior.
In essence, the Church is abdicating its primary societal responsibilities by pawning the the poor and sick off on the government.
The pattern of giving also becomes hopelessly imbalanced. Whereas people used to give more to the Church and charities to care for the sick and poor, now the government is siphoning off that money and the Church and charities are getting less. Obama only plans to exacerbate this imbalance by decreasing tax write-offs for charitable giving. The principle of tithing (giving 10% to Church) becomes that much more difficult to attain.
It is good for pro-lifers to argue against abortion and euthanasia in Obamacare.
But Christians need to step back and argue against the principle of government-run healthcare.
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