Thoughts of Ted Kennedy stir quite competing emotions in me.
Sadness and compassion are 2 I feel when considering Kennedy’s family history.

kennedy lion.jpg

All 3 of Kennedy’s older brothers were killed young while serving their country. This meant that after his father died in 1969, Kennedy was forced at the age of 40 into the role of patriarch of a large clan that included 2 widowed sisters-in-law and 13 fatherless nieces and nephews.
Kennedy was present, for instance, at Ethel’s delivery of daughter Rory 6 months after husband and father Bobby was assassinated.
But in an awful twist, John Jr. died in a plane crash on his way to Rory’s wedding in 1999, yet another example of the seemingly never-ending Kennedy family tragedies.
And I feel bad about all that.
Then there’s the Chappaquiddick Kennedy, which stirs shock and disbelief, and the rabble-rousing Kennedy, whose poor example did nephew William Kennedy Smith no favors, which stirs disgust.
And there is the Liberal Lion Kennedy, who wrought catastrophic harm to preborn human life.
This Kennedy infuriates me…..

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