Dan McConchie, stem cell, spinal cord injury.jpgIn 2007 I posted and updated on the hit-and-run motorcycle accident involving Dan McConchie of American United for Life.
Dan has emailed information and a request:

As you know, I suffered a spinal cord injury 2 years ago and have no use of my legs. The most promising area of research to improve function in spinal cord patients is in the area of adult stem cells. But, as my friend Dr. David Prentice has said, treatments are not ready for prime time… yet.
There is great research being done. Unfortunately, thanks to the protective nature of the FDA, the best research being done on this is happening overseas. At this point, clinical trials in the US for spinal cord injuries may be years away.
You can help change this….

A researcher I know at MI’s Wayne State University, Dr. Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, has been working closely with Dr. Carlos Lima of Portugal. They have had some stunning results using adult stem cells in human patients over there. In the latest study just published a few days ago, 20 patients unable to move their legs received spinal cord surgery and an adult stem cell graft. 13 of them are now able to walk with various levels of assistance (walkers, braces, etc.)!
Dr. Peduzzi wants to get a clinical trial going here in the US using a new method of adult stem cell transplant that may not require the invasive and dangerous spinal cord surgery at all.
The Department of Defense has reviewed her work and has invited her research team to submit a proposal for funding. However, in order to be able to win a grant, Dr. Peduzzi’s team need to prove in advance that the non-invasive surgical technique is safe in animals. To do that, she only needs to raise $5k more.
Unfortunately, she is running out of time.
The DOD proposal deadline is soon and she needs to do the safety surgery no later than next month. If successful, this will enable clinical trials to begin much earlier than may happen otherwise. I have committed to Dr. Peduzzi to help her raise the last $5k she needs.
Can you help me make this research project happen? I would really appreciate any amount you are able to send.
Send your contribution directly to Wayne State University (and receive a tax-deductible receipt) by following the instructions below. I just ask that you let me know if you are sending a gift directly so we make sure we have raised enough money before the deadline. [JLS note: Do this by emailing me, and I will forward your email to Dan.]
Gifts need to be mailed no later than October 31.
Here’s how to help:
Checks should be made out to ‘Wayne State University’ with the words ‘Peduzzi Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund’ in the memo to ensure it is placed in the proper account. Mail to:

Wayne State University Fund Office
5475 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202

If you prefer, you can do a bank transfer:

Comerica Bank
PO Box 7500
Detroit, Michigan 48275 USA
ABA# 072 000 096
Swift Code: MNBDUS33
A/C: Wayne State University
Acct# 1840109159
Text: University Accounting Codes: Index = 221312; Fund code = 120HS and Account code = 54044

Thank you! I very much appreciate your consideration of this request.
God bless.
Dan McConchie

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