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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Anna Franzonello deconstructs a recent report put out by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute which promoted the claim that legalizing abortion will lead to decreased maternal abortion-related deaths…
  • Sharon Camp, President of the Guttmacher Institute said, “Legal restrictions do not stop abortion from happening. They just make the procedure dangerous.” But the Institute’s own research refutes this claim. The data shows that restrictions on the legal status of abortion have made a real impact on the incidence of abortion.
    We know from history that legalizing abortion leads to more abortions. A prime example is the United States. Between 1973, when the Supreme Court overturned state laws restricting abortion in Roe v. Wade, and 1980 the number of abortions more than doubled.

    Anna then cites the situation in Poland and continues, showing that “safe” and “legal” are not necessarily synonymous as is so often touted:

    Abortion advocates have long argued that legal abortion is safe abortion. However, there is abundant evidence, like the example above, to show permitting the procedure by law has not resulted in making abortion safe. Abortions in sanctioned clinics produce the same horror stories of seriously injured women, unsterile conditions, and brutal treatment that we were assured would end when abortion was legalized.

  • Americans United For Life draws our attention to an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal in which AUL President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest argues that the current proposals in the health care-reform bill would “take us toward an era of unprecedented federal abortion funding”:
  • The Capps Amendment would side step the Hyde Amendment and other provisions in federal law. If it becomes law as part of health-care reform it would make abortion coverage a part of the public option, funnel tax dollars to private health plans that cover abortion, and ensure that every area of the country will have at least one health insurance plan that covers elective abortion. If this should happen, for the first time in more than 30 years the federal government would be in the business of funding the destruction of unborn human life.

  • In Ontario, Canada the Superior Court of Justice has ruled against a hospital in favor of the rights of an unborn child, reports Big Blue Wave:
  • Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice has ruled that Guelph General Hospital did owe a duty of care to an unborn child whose family claims that negligence during the baby’s delivery led to brain damage.
    In a decision released Wednesday, Justice Wolfram Tausendfreund rejected an argument from Guelph General Hospital, 3 obstetricians and 4 obstetrical nurses that they had no such obligation in the case of Kevin Liebig, who was born 8 years ago with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, or brain damage cause by oxygen deprivation.
    “The duty to both mother and fetus in the maternal-fetal care scenario has long been established in Canadian jurisprudence,” he wrote.

  • American Papist shares a video captured on a CCTV camera in a train-station in Melbourne, Australia where a pram rolls off the platform into the path of an oncoming train and is dragged along for 30 meters, to the horror of the mother:

    The 6-month-old boy only received minor scratches and a bump on his head. Apparently if his mother hadn’t strapped him into the pram, it would not have been a happy ending. Even the news reader at MSNBC referred to the incident as a miracle.

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