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I intended to write a post touting Sarah Palin’s upcoming book, Going Rogue, anyway. Now, more the reason. What I was originally going to say…

You may have noticed I’m spotlighting Going Rogue in my ad bloc (upper right). If you’re going to buy Going Rogue, do so by clicking on the ad on my site to purchase it, and we’ll get a small kickback – no extra cost to you.
My partner Tim of and I have initiated a concerted effort to make our blogs financially self-sustaining through direct ads (like I am 71) and affiliate ads (like Amazon). The goal is to bring us into the black, as many mainstream blogs are able to do – to be tent makers, as St. Paul would say – and teach other pro-life bloggers what we learn, so more can devote time to pro-life apologetics through new media.
So that was my original point. Then I noticed the price of Going Rogue dropped drastically last week, from $29 to $9! The scoop? A good old-fashioned price war. From the Wall Street Journal, October 16:
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Wal-Mart… launched a brash price war against Amazon… on Thursday, saying it would sell 10 hotly anticipated new books for just $10 apiece through its online site,
That was just the beginning.
Hours later, Amazon matched the $10 price, squaring off in a battle for low-price and e-commerce leadership heading into the crucial holiday shopping season. Wal-Mart soon fired back with a promise to drop its prices to $9 by Friday morning – and made good on that vow by early evening Thursday.

To which Amazon obviously responded. Now the American Booksellers Association has asked the Justice Department to investigate, saying street book vendors may be put out of business and adding that has also entered into the war.
Last piece of Sarah Palin book news. Entertainment Weekly announced on October 21:

We know that former AK Gov. Sarah Palin can hunt, and even field-dress a moose, but how will she take to poachers on her book sales? Start-up publisher OR Books has announced plans to publish Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare, a collection of essays about the maverick Republican with a title – and cover design – remarkably similar to Palin’s upcoming memoir. What’s more, OR’s paperback tome will be released on Nov. 17, the same day that Palin’s own Going Rogue: An American Life hits shelves….

What nasty people liberals are, but we already knew that. One of the Going Rouge contributors will be pro-abortion princess Amanda Marcotte.
Seems to me Going Rouge is sueable for copycatting, which I hope Palin does.
[Graphic via ABC]

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